International Federation for Information and Communication Processing INTERSTENO

Excursion to Liège
Tuesday 16th July 2013 - 07.45-19.00 h

Transport Bus
Participants 43
Departure 07.45 h - entrance campus Kantienberg, Voetweg 66, Gent
Arrival 19.00 h - campus Kantienberg, level 0, for Thank you dinner
07.45 h Departure from Ghent
10.00 h Arrival Liège
Short visit of the Calatrava station + coffee break
11.00 h By bus to Saint Barthelemy Church
Guided visit to the baptismal font (one of the Wonders of the World).
11.45 h Guided visit of the historical center of Liège
12.45 h Aperitif - La Maison du Pèket
13.00 h Free time for lunch on the beautiful "Place du Marché" in front of  the Perron (freedom symbol)
15.00 h City tour with little train – 1.15 h or
Free time for shopping or
Visit on foot of the center
16.45 h Departure to Ghent
19.00 h Arrival in Ghent for the Tank you dinner.
Participation fee € 35,00
(transport, guided visit city center and St-Bartelemy baptismal font)
Lunch not included!



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