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General conferences and IPRS meetings

Sunday 14th of July 2013 - 10.00-12.30 h

Chair: Rian Schwarz-van Poppel

Time Speaker Subject
10.00-10.30 Randel Raison (USA) The State of Electronic Reporting in the United States
10.30-11.00 Ayse Yedekci  (Turkey) The limits of the applicability of new technologies to parliamentary reporting services: the case of Turkish Parliament
11.00-11.30 Eero Voutilainen (speaker); (Finland)
Maarit Peltola, Teuvo Räty & Niklas Varisto (co-authors)
Rules of reporting: the principles of representing spoken discourse in the Records Office of the Finnish parliament
11.30-12.30 workshop about the last topic  

Monday 15th of July 2013 - 16.00-18.30 h

Chair: Rian Schwarz-van Poppel

Time Speaker Subject
16.00-16.30 Lorraine Sutherland (UK) From black art to black gown -- a postgraduate diploma in parliamentary reporting
16.30-18.00 Dominick M. Tursi (USA) History of Shorthand and Evolution of Shorthand Machines
18.00-18.30 Herbert Houdijk and Matthijs Bakker (The Netherlands) VLOS vs 2.0, the next level in reporting

General conferences
Tuesday 16th of July 2013 - 09.00-17.30 h

Chair: Dr. Carlo Eugeni

Time Speaker Subject
09.00-09.30   Opening address by local and Intersteno authorities
09.30-10.30 Prof. Y. Gambier (Finland) Keynote -Readability and accessibility - challenges in processing and disseminating information today
10.15-10.45 Coffee break  
10.30-11.00   Report on IPRS meetings
11.15-13.00 First session - social inclusion  
  Bouchra Alami (France) Making the TV news accessible to face the information tsunami for the disabled
  Guy Tummers (Belgium) Communication and information in multilingual bodies – the case of Benelux
  Tatsuya Kawahara (Japan) Subtitling lecture videos with automatic speech recognition
13.00-14.30 Lunch  
14.30-15.30 Second session  
14.30-15.30 Jorge Bravo (Argentina) Collecting the past to face the future: the present of the Argentinian Congress library.
15.30-17.00 Second session - training and practice  
  Alessandro Tescari (Italy) Facing tsunami burocracy  How to paste voice into a pdf file and sign it forever.
  Jim Cudahy (USA) Hello, NCRA - The Oral History Project: Stenographers capturing personal stories
  Laura Batani (Italy) Helping primary school students to face the keyboarding tsunami.
17.00-17.30 Discussion and Closing remarks  

Web session to be accessed before the day of the conference

Prof. Waldir Cury (Brazil):

The issue as to shorthand speed

See the video Read the transcript Read full report text


L.Jan den Holder (the Netherlands)

Summary reporting contributes to confronting the “information tsunami”

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Fabrizio Gaetano Verruso (co-authors) Anna Maria Trombetti - Attilio Galimberti (Italy)

Teaching shorthand on the web: An Italian example. Click to read the content.

Zoi Resta (Greece)

The role of interpreters in communication

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Joel Snyder (USA)

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All speeches will be made available on podcast with subtitles in English. With the compliments of Pervoice, an Italian leader firm in subtitling equipments ( ) and the voluntary contribution of the members of OnA.I.R. Association ( Many thanks to Kimberly Turnage ( ) for her voluntary activity of subtitling on site. Many thanks to Daniël Tuijnman for his contribution.


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