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This page is only a short description of the competitions/world championships that will be hold in Ghent. Download the complete regulations:

Complete regulations for the INTERSTENO competitions 2013 [Download]

Age categories for all competitions

  Seniors Juniors Pupils
Born in <=1992 1993-1996 >=1997
Age 21-110 17-20 0-16

Text production

Typing text from a printed copy during 30 minutes by use PC keyboard, shorthand machine or speech recognition, as fast and accurate as possible

  Seniors Juniors Pupils
Min. char/minute 360 300 240
Max. errors 0,25% 0,25% 0,25%
Penalty points/error - 100 - 100 - 100

Text corrections with PC

Correcting a digitally delivered text during 10 minutes: delete, replace, reorder, insert, emphasize, indent... text parts, according to a correction sheet.

At least 60 corrections, in the order presented on the correction sheet, have to be executed correctly.

Properly carried out correction + 100
Imperfect or unexecuted correction -  500

Professional word processing

Working on documents with professional word processing software: (re)structure and (re)formatting of text, inserting and smart positioning objects, selecting, sorting and merging structured data, automatic numbering, smart use of tables, advanced search replace, generating table of content, index... within a limited timeframe.

Result is expressed in %. Minimum 50 % is needed to be successful.

Shorthand/speech capturing

Transcribing a 15-minute-long text, dictated at an increasing rate of speed, with graphic shorthand, machine shorthand (PC keyboard or stenotype) or voice writing. Dictation is divided in 3 sections of each 5 minutes. Transcription time: 150 minutes.

At least the first 3 minutes of a section have to be transcribed accurately, taking into account the number of penalties allowed.

Multilingual shorthand

Capture and transcribe 3-minute-dictations at 120-130-140 syllables per minute in at least 2 languages with maximum 50 penalties (foreign language) or 30 penalties (mother tongue).

Real time speech capturing

Capturing an 8-minute-long dictation with increasing speed. Immediate delivery after dictation without any additional corrections, going from 148 to 310 syllables (depending on language).

At least 3 minutes have to be delivered without exceding the maximum penalties allowed.

Correspondence and summary reporting

Verbatim transcription of a 3-minutes dictation of a letter and summary report in complete sentences from a 7-minutes dictation of a text . Dictation speeds are increasing each minute.

  • Dictation speed of the letter: 120-155 syllables/minute (depending on language)
  • Dictation speed of the text: 150-255 syllables/minute (depending on language)

Maximum 120 minutes transcription time.

Audio transcription (trial competition)

Transcribing for 10 minutes a digital recorded dictation with keyboard, stenotype or voice recognition in re-speaking mode. The dictation will last 15 minutes at a constant speed of 320 syllables per minute.

  Seniors Juniors Pupils
min. char/minute 300 280 240
Max. errors 1 % 1 % 1 %
Penalty points/error - 50 - 50 - 50

In this trial competition no title, no awards/medals and no certificates will be released!

Complete regulations for the trial Audio transcription contest 2013 [Download]

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