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Competitions - result lists

You can download an updated result list by clicking on the illustration below (in PDF format).

Besides some small corrections, the multilingual list was updated. Penalties in the mother language result, taken from the speech capturing list, had to be set to 0, according to the rules. This has some important implications on the ranking. New diplomas/medals will be shipped in the next weeks to the involved persons. We apologize for all inconvenience.

Competitions - practical information

All competitions will be organized parallel in several class rooms situated on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Competitors find, after login in the menu Login and personal data all information on the rooms for their registered competitions, except for multilingual shorthand (see further).

Rooms are numbered according to their location, as you see in the sample below:

Each competitor has at his disposal one table and two chairs:

Room plan for multilingual shorthand

For multilingual shorthand follow the room overview below:

  Time L.03.15 L.03.13 L.03.01 L.03.03
        Keyboard Graphic
Sunday 14 July 09.00 h Finnish -> work out    
  09.10 h Portugese -> room    
  09.20 h Croatian -> after    
  09.30 h Interlingua -> dictation    
  10.30 h Swedish      
  18.30 h     Slovak  
  20.00 h     Italian Italian
Monday 15 July 13.00 h     English English
  14.30 h     Spanish Spanish
  16.00 h Latin Turkish German German
  17.30 h     French French

Level 2 plan

Level 3 plan

Training on Saturday

Competitors in text production competition can already install their computers on Saturday between 13.00 and 14.00 h. and leave their laptops in the competition rooms - at their own responsibility. Competition rooms are closed during the opening ceremony and cocktail.

From 18.30 to 20.00 h training and instruction time is foreseen.

At competition day

Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Monday Monday see
07.45 h 10.00 h 11.00 h 14.00 h 15.00 h 08.00 h 11.00 h plan

Please be present before the scheduled start time in the program. Besides your badge, don't forget your ID-card or passport.

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